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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Auction Disc. : tips on organizing stamps in order to scan them

carol d yates (Krittergitr)
03 Aug 2008
If I have alot of single stamps to put up for auction should I just show a list or just scan as many that fit on the scanner? Or is there a way to show more than one picture using photobucket? I am really confused about this one. They are in Heco cards. One per card. krittergitr@rock.com
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Robert Parkin (Parkinlot)
03 Aug 2008
re: tips on organizing stamps in order to scan them

Hi Carol,

I also use those cards to hold the stamps that I sell on SOR. Here is how I prepare my stamps for sale.

1) Remove the stamps from the card and put into a black stock sheet. If the cards have a description of the stamps (ie. Scott Numbers) keep the cards in order by placing them upside down on top of each other. This is very important so that you don't mix up the stamps.

2) Scan the stamps. Because the directory I save my files to is sorted by name, I just name the file 1.jpg so that it the first file I see and don't have to search for it. It's ok to overwrite the previous 1.jpg as it has already been processed.


3) Put stamps immediately back into their cards.

4) Crop the stamps as needed and save them. I use a fairly simple naming convention (country,Scott Number, type, remarks ie. us114usedFancyCancel.jpg or us2240fdcCollins) using Camel Caps (thisIsAsentenceUsingCamelCaps. noSpacesBetweenTheWords. firstWordLowerCaseThenUppercaseTheFirstLetterOfEveryWord)


5) Move image to Photohosting Website.

6) Post the Stamps on SOR.

I find this to be very efficient. The naming convention also allows me to find the scans very easily in my directory.

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