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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Stamp Approval Notes & Notices : Soundcrest - New Books Argentina m/mnh Asst French Colonies m/u/mnh Worldwide Would Have Been Auctions 01/14/22

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13 Jan 2022

Auctions - Approvals
Greetings From Cornwall PA!

This week books will start Friday between 7-9pm.

Books will be marked either in the title or on the first page with whether or not there are Scott catalog numbers for each stamp

This weeks books

--------------------- 01/14 -------------------------

22885 - French Colonies A-T mint/used/mnh

- A varied assortment, mostly Algeria, and Senegal, but others as well. Two very nice long MNH sets from Ivory Coast & Upper Volta as well

Image Not Found

22884 - Argentina mint/mnh to 1980s w/Scott# & Index

- Nothing to expensive. Some overprinted officials too!.

Image Not Found

22883 - They Would Have Been Auctions Worldwide Book m/u/mnh 1/14/2022

- A new experiment. To declutter my listings (reduce the number) I have taken many of my Wednesday auctions and split them between BIN auctions on Monday nights and a w/w book of stamps that WOULD have been auctions. The upside is less clutter, and the auctions kind of stick around for a few weeks though I know most do not look at a book older than a couple of days. The downside is that they all become BIN auctions as the price is set in advance. There also will be those people who don;t care to look at approval books EVEN when there is an index, which this book does have. Take a look. This weeks book has just about everything except US stamps.

Image Not Found

Books are almost always in price order and a book that is half empty may have only the lower priced stamps sold out. Links below are for all books added within the last few months. There are many more besides those

Books ALWAYS have Scott numbers unless otherwise noted

Hope you find a few stamps you can use in your collection!


Some of the more recent books over the past few months:

22808 Spain 1954-1980s mint/mnh w/Scott# & Index
22807 Older Iceland m/u/mnh to 1970 w/Scott# & Index
22806 They Would Have Been Auctions Worldwide Book m/u/mnh 1/7/2022

22747 Finland #771 (1988) to #1113 (1999) Plus Semi Postals w/Scott# & Index
22746 Zambia 1979-91 Used w/Scott # & Index
22742 Lebanon to 1960s Mint/used with Scott# & Index

22660 Reunion & Inini mint/used w/Scott# & Index
22659 Bulgaria Mint/MNH 1975-91 w/Scott# & Index

22598 France Offices In China Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index

22550 Indo China mint/used w/Scott# & Index (and French Guiana 173-91 mnh)
22549 Ifni & Fernando Poo Mint/MNH w/Scott# & Index

22493 France Offices In China and Indo China m/u w/Cat # & Index
22494 Zimbabwe Used to 1980 w/Scott# # Index
22495 Cameroun & Central African Republic Used 1950s-70s w/Scott# & Index

22402 Anguilla Mint Sets 1975-80 w/Scott# & Index
22403 Gabon & Chad to 1962 Mint/Used w/Scott # & Index

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