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13 Jan 2022
I am happy to announce the release of AlbumEasy V4.3.

I had hoped to get a release out before the end of 2021, but life happens, so here it is a few weeks later Happy

Once again, this release contains a few enhancements, bug fixes, and a few new features which I hope that you will find useful.

Changes for this release:
* New: ALBUM_STAMP_IMG_GREYSCALE_ON and ALBUM_STAMP_IMG_GREYSCALE_OFF commands to enable or disable the display of images in greyscale.
* New: ALBUM_STAMP_IMG_HIDE and ALBUM_STAMP_IMG_SHOW commands to hide or show images.
* New: PAGE_START_INFO command starts an informational page. These are pages that may be used as a title page or to provide additional information that is not intended to be part of the printed album.
* New: The STAMP_BORDER_STYLE command now includes a style to specify which edges of the stamp box are drawn.
* Enhancement: The ALBUM_PAGES_HEADER and ALBUM_PAGES_FOOTER commands now accept multiple lines of text.
* Enhancement: The ALBUM_PAGES_TITLE command now accepts an optional vertical spacing value to set the amount of space after the title.
* Editor enhancement: The functionality of the find dialogue has been improved, The search string now defaults to any selected text or else the word under the cursor.
* Editor enhancement: The Find dialogue now supports Search and Replace.
* Bug fix: The PAGE_START_GROUP was not handling double-quote characters correctly under some circumstances. This has now been fixed.

Examples of the new features will be found in the NewExamples.txt sample album file which will be installed into the examples folder.

As always, versions for Windows, Linux and now the Apple Mac may be downloaded from https://www.thestampweb.com/albumeasy/download

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"AlbumEasy - Free software for creating custom stamp album pages"

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