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Latin America/All : Bermuda #12 - Genuine or Forged?

10 Jan 2022
Hi folks,

I've gotten interested in pre-UPU Caribbean colonies.

Here'a stamp I'm looking at:
Image Not Found
A bit shabby with many pulled perfs, short tears along the R edge, and poor centering, but it has a hefty catalog value.

Now, compare to an image from stampforgeries.com, judged Genuine:
Image Not Found

Top stamp appears to be the wrong color, or just a different printing. If I lay a straightedge along the overprint, it appears that letters on the top stamp are not in a straight line. Not to mention the sloppy inking. Also, if I make the two images the same size, and then measure and compare the lengths of the overprints, the one on the top stamp is just slightly (3%) longer than the one on the bottom stamp.

On the other hand, do you see that shift between the "P" and the "E" in "PENCE"? It looks like the "E" is slightly higher than the "P", and that feature is seen on the overprint on both stamps.

What do you think?

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10 Jan 2022
re: Bermuda #12 - Genuine or Forged?

There are two different overprints of this type that were used on one shilling stamps. Stanley Gibbons lists them as type 6 and as type 6a.

The type 6 has the tops of the letters even across the entire phrase. The type 6a has the loops on the tops of the "R" and the "P" slightly higher than the tops of the other letters. These overprints were, done locally, were applied by rubber hand stamps and are therefore inconsistent in there quality.

The second example you show appears to be a type 6 overprint. The first example, however, appears as if it has the entire top of some of the letters cut off, which is most likely due to the inconsistency I mentioned above.

I any event when buying stamps at these values, where there is clearly the opportunity for forgery, I would only buy them with certificates authenticating them as genuine, or subject to obtaining a good certificate.

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