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Middle East/All : Saudia Arabia: beginner challenges

08 Jan 2022

Spent the day in the stamp room working on a small SA collection recently obtained via auction. The bulk of the material runs through the late 1970s, and appears to be of relatively modest catalogue value.

While a day spent "stamping" always holds great potential, would characterize today as "humbling". The material source was chiefly Minkus album pages with a smattering of Scott.

It was relatively slow going, as early on I began to doubt the identification accuracy of the prior material owner(s). And since it had been many years since I have worked on such material, I had forgotten about the many varieties present within a given series (i.e., watermarks, shades, perforations, redrawing/reissues, cartouches, etc.)

Lastly, as I began preparing to mount portions of the new material within the target album, started to (also) question the accuracy of my own prior identification/placement efforts. So just to be certain, decided to remove much of the prior material so as to "reconfirm" its accuracy.

Am surprised (disappointed?) at the dearth of SA reference material available on the web. So Mon am will include a call to the APRL to identify potential resources.
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08 Jan 2022
re: Saudia Arabia: beginner challenges

Jim More than a beginner challenge trust me!
Just scan the material you need identified and post here (may interest some of the members) or email it to me, and I will take a look. It is a tough area to id, even if you know Arabic and even if you are very careful.

As a word of warning, many stamps listed on auction platforms are mis-identified. And almost always in the seller's favor...I call it wishful thinking as honestly mistakes are so easy to make, and I am an optimist.
There are also plenty of counterfeit stamps of most of the inverted o/ps, so as a general rule I don't collect them.

There is one definitive reference I am aware of for the stamps of NEJD, by G Riachi. I posted previously about it. Expensive and gorgeous book, a true labor of love by the author. In it he mentions the Arabian Philatelic Association, the APA Ref Manual on Saudi Forgeries, as well as a list of experts in the area.

Even I will occasionally realize that a stamp in my album is actually in the wrong spot. So I hear you. A second set of eyes is recommended.


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