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Oceania/Australia : Southern Cross, Western Australia CDS question

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08 Jan 2022
Yesterday I received this stamp to add to my "Stars on Stamps" web page. The seller listed the stamp on eBay as "unlisted," and it is unlike several other stamps cancelled with similar cancellations.

The problem, so common, is that the cancellation isn't distinct, but it looks to me like the word "Cross" in the cancellation has been replaced by four or possibly five dots representing the stars of the Southern Cross constellation, shown here on two other stamps and an astrophoto:

Image Not Found

Here an image of the stamp I'm asking about:

Image Not Found

And here, circled in yellow, is an image of the "Cross" I'm seeing, or think I'm seeing, in the cancellation:

Image Not Found

Any of you Australia collectors have an opinion or knowledge of this CDS cancellation?


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10 Jan 2022
re: Southern Cross, Western Australia CDS question


Diverting from the subject, I can see in the middle picture a grinning skull, similar to the sugar skulls used in South American Countries on the Day of the Dead, or All Souls Day which is November 2.

Sorry for the diversion.


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