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Oceania/Australia : OPENING of SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE (New Plate Entries)

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25 Nov 2021
I have since added stamps to my Harbour Bridge collection, and would like to share the new arrivals.

Australia’s most famous landmark and the the largest steel arch bridge on the planet, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was officially opened on Saturday, 19th March 1932 by the Premier of NSW John (Jack) Lang.

Stamps commemorating the official opening were issued on 14th March 1932, five days prior to the historical event.

Trivia: My grandmother who was 20 at the time crossed the Bridge on its opening day with her 2 year old baby daughter, that little girl eventually became my mother. When the Bridge celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2007, I was the only family member since my mother to cross the Bridge when it was closed to the traffic, allowing the public to walk the Bridge as it were in 1932.

It is very difficult to collect the 5/- Bridge and the plates in MUH condition, especially finding the 5/- stamp that is very well centred and with excellent perforations.

The plate numbers are actually dots, such as one dot for plate 1, two dots for plate 2 and so on. After much research and patience I was able to locate and purchase Plate 1 on vertical mesh, and plate 3 on horizontal mesh.

You will notice that the stamp on the right described as plate 3 has two dots instead of 3; this is because very often the guillotining removes “dots”, and in this case the third dot was guillotined. When measured the spacing between the stamp and first dot is 17.9mm, therefore the plate number is 3.

The dots are noticeable - Plate 3 the dots can be clearly seen at top far right near edge below a red line. Plate 1 the dot can be seen at bottom far left near the edge above a red line.

The project is nowhere finished, but it is going to be exciting locating more plates and the eventual completion of this beautiful set of Harbour Bridges.

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Dots Enlarged

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