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United States/Covers & Postmarks : My Amazing Find In A Box of Muck!

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Tom in Exton, PA
16 Oct 2021
And the story goes...
I started selling some stuff on eBay. Half because I bought those two huge boxes of postcards over the summer, and half because I was curious how it would go these days, versus the heyday when everything listed resulted in a bidding war. And prodded by eBay's constant reminder that I could have 250 free listings a month!

As I find my way around, and I try to be non judgmental in what I list... all covers and cards... I find that I can't prejudge anything. The stuff I've had hovering over my garbage pail but listed anyway usually sells!

Just this afternoon I had a crumpled up 1910 Nashua, NH cover with an RPO. I actually apologized that I knew it was in bad condition, but maybe someone needed that cancel! It got a bid within an hour!

In that vein I had a big stack of number 10 covers... in my mind nobody collects those. So I test list a few and guess what? Many of them sold! So here goes the entire stack! On this rainy afternoon I sat down to list a few. Covers with interesting corner cards... I refuse to call them Ad Covers as many sellers do... I got about halfway thru listing this one and OMG, what do I see... it's got private perforations!

Image Not Found

I drag out my Scotts Specialized and see the stamp is #409, the imperf of the series of 1912. And the stamp appears to be the end of the roll of International Vending Machine Company, Type IV perforations!

A great find since it came out of a box of nothing covers! And it goes right into my collection!

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