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Off Topic/Non-philatelic Disc. : Am I allowed to mention my eBay listings on Stamporama?

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Tom in Exton, PA
10 Oct 2021
I started listing covers and cards on eBay late August.

Am I allowed to make mention of it here on Stamporama?

I do notice folks with their sites and such listed as links under their posts...

Don't want to be breaking any rules...
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"Check out my eBay Stuff! Username Turtles-Trading-Post"
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Editor, Seal News; contributor, JuicyHeads
10 Oct 2021
re: Am I allowed to mention my eBay listings on Stamporama?

yes, sort of


"here's the rule that 2. NO Advertising!

The Discussion Board is intended for discussion purposes. Commercial ads are prohibited and will be deleted as soon as seen by a moderator. If you want to promote your business or website, you may do so discretely using a personal statement under your avatar or in your message footer as part of your posts. Our policy in summation: "Contribute and be discrete, and you are welcome. Dump your advertising on us and you are welcome to leave".governs this; it's in DB conduct:"

But, please understand, everything that takes a reader AWAY from SOR is diminishing SOR and is the bane of all of us who work hard to make an effective webiste that includes our own auctions, approvals, and DB

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