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General Philatelic/Gen. Discussion : Putting stamps in with "corners"

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07 Oct 2021
I got a stamp lot in the mail today and the seller put them on a sheet with small clear photographic corners. While removing the couple I needed I damaged one of the stamps. I probably should have been a bit more careful but I really found it difficult to remove the stamps. Does anyone else have an opinion? Was it totally my fault or has anyone else had the same problem?
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07 Oct 2021

re: Putting stamps in with "corners"


"Does anyone else have an opinion?"

I have been a dealer since 1975. I will never buy a collection that is mounted in an amateurish, non-philatelic manner. If the album comes in a larger lot, it will be counted at "zero" and any recovered value will be a bonus for the excessive labor required. If I miss the lot because of that, I consider myself lucky.

That also goes for covers, stamps and mint blocks mounted in those "magnetic" photo albums (actually adhesive pages), unless the items were first put into mounts.

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Tom in Exton, PA
07 Oct 2021
re: Putting stamps in with "corners"

And no doubt Roy has seen it all! Big Grin

I recently posted about a set of plate blocks I received on pages, where the original owner made mounts by cutting down old school clear page protectors... with old school glossy Scotch Tape on three sides. Over time the clear plastic outgassed against the mint gum, AND the tape leached through the corners onto the stamps.

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And here's what those old magnetic photo albums did to covers.. if you've had covers / cards with these stripes and wondered!

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08 Oct 2021
re: Putting stamps in with "corners"

I had a photo album like that and almost all the photos
I took and saved from my year in 5he Arctic were ruined
and tossed away. Photos of the locl Inuits, the Mounties,
the dog teams, the Hudsons Bay post at Clyde River, the
Coast Guard crew, the flight north from Cape Dyer through
the snow capped mountains and back, and of course, the
buildings and scenery. All ruined by chemical leaching.

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