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Canada/Covers & Postmarks : Rev Butcher Covers

13 Sep 2021
I am back with another question

I just acquired a Canadian Patriotic Cover prepared by a Rev E Butcher from Brantford Ont. It was posted June5th 1944 and bears a hand drawn colourful illustration of the Union Jack and Churchill`s Bull Dog
Can any members help with a bit of information on Rev Butcher`s life or postal covers?

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14 Sep 2021
re: Rev Butcher Covers

I am afraid I can't offer any history of Rev. Butcher himself, but here are a couple of covers I sold back in 2015. Came out of a collection I bought in London Ontario at that time.

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

Worth Davis of Tillsonburg was a well known collector/dealer in the 1940s. He owned a jewelry store in Tillsonburg "E.F. Davis Co.". Turns out I knew that store well because my wife grew up working in it, since her father bought it in the early 1960s from Worth. Tillsonburg isn't far from Brantford, so Rev. Butcher and Mr. Davis were probably "stamp friends".

The best place to get this kind of information and conversation about Canadian FDCs and their producers is from the "BNAPS First Day Cover Study Group". All their newsletters are available here (there actually may be an article about him in there somewhere) https://bnaps.org/hhl/n-fdc.htm

And their website (could definitely use a re-work) is here

Our past Stamporama member, Harold Houston, was an active member of this group. Unfortunately, Harold passed away a couple of years ago.


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