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04 May 2021

The following Clearance Books Are Coming.

The word clearance probably is not the right term to use. I recently got a small collection from a friend who inherited it from his father.I am taking some of those stamps and mixing it with stamps I had left from other older approval books over the past few years to create these new books. This is the first group and I plan to have more during the next few months. I am offering lower prices on these books compared to my normal approval books.

Wednesday May 5 - Belgium (Thru 1950)

Friday May 7 - Czechoslovakia (Thru 1950)

Saturday May 8 - Germany (Thru 1935)

Monday May 10 - Hungary Regular Issues (Thru 1955)

Tuesday May 11 - Hungary Back of the Book Issues (Thru 1955)

Coming Up Later In May A New Approval Book For San Marino

For all of my current books use the Approvals Link to the Left. Thanks for Looking !


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