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General Philatelic/Gen. Discussion : Meeting of the big 3 in Cape Cod 2010

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22 Feb 2021

Image Not Found Some of us in Stampoffers had been trying for years to get Sneeky(Dan Jacobs) to meet us at a stamp show. In the summer of 2010 DJD( David Dennis) and i tracked him to his lair in Centerville Cape Cod. Sneeky was a gentle giant and a Gentleman. Ten years later i am the sole survivor of this photo.
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23 Feb 2021
re: Meeting of the big 3 in Cape Cod 2010

I never met them Phil but remember them with such fondness. Had dealings with both on a number of occasions and chats too.
DJD and I would often chat and he was in the process of arranging a trip to Israel when he became ill. So what would have been our first meet never happened. I always get a twinge of sadness when I think about it.

Lovely pic.


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23 Feb 2021
re: Meeting of the big 3 in Cape Cod 2010

The old StampOffers gang... Phil B., Sneeky, CCMouse, Meostamps, King Tott, Gawg from Gawga, Lord Tyburn... where have all the years gone?


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