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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : Returning to Stamp Collecting; looking for inventory software

11 Dec 2020
I'm returning to stamp collecting after about 20 years. I plan to concentrate on collecting US mnh. I have Scott National albums through 2000 that is sporadically filled with USmnh. I have an older Minuteman album through the 90s with used. And a box of stuff I never got around to putting into an album.

I am now retired on a fixed income and I would much rather spend what little I can afford on stamps rather than software or albums and supplies. I have plenty of time but not much money.

The first thing I really would like to get done is to inventory what I have so I am looking for a FREE stamp cataloguing application that runs on Linux. Preferably something that I can populate with Colnect csv files.

I loaded OpenNumismat and what little I can see is see is good. However, it crashes every time I try to import a Colnect file and the documentation is a little on the lightweight side. (But I didn't pay for a lot of documentation;-)

Does anyone have a recommendation on a good free stamp cataloguing/inventory program for linux??

I am a retired programmer and am writing a program that will generate album pages. Almost have it working but need to fix a few more things before it is ready for prime time. I plan to post it to GitHub with an open source license when it is complete.

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Just one more small cover .....
11 Dec 2020
re: Returning to Stamp Collecting; looking for inventory software

Hi Eddie,
Greetings from another Linux user. We actually don't have a Windows box in the house. I'm a fan of System76 computers and so use POP!_OS Linux.

I'm also a programmer at heart but do project management work to pay the bills for another year or so. I very much understand the fun of writing an application to fulfill a need you have yourself (I wrote my own finance package). For custom album pages I use AlbumEasy which is a free application written by one of our own members. It runs on Linux and Windows. Have a look at https://www.thestampweb.com/albumeasy. It might give you some ideas.

As for an application to catalog and keep track of the value of your collection I use Stampworld (https://www.stampworld.com/en/). It is a website and not an application, but I find it very helpful.

Hope this is helpful and welcome to Stamporama.

Regards ... Tim.

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