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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Stamp Approval Notes & Notices : New Books For Old Cuba #1-143 & Newspapers Niger & Nigeria MNH and Seals & Things 10/16

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16 Oct 2020

Auctions - Approvals
Greetings From Cornwall PA!

This weeks books will start tonight between 8-9PM - if I don't forget as I did last week

ALL books will now be marked either in the title or on the first page with whether or not there are Scott catalog numbers for each stamp

This weeks books

--------------------- 10/16 -------------------------

18855 Cuba mint/used #1-143 w/Scott# & Index

- From a large Cuba collection. Will try to break it down into sections. Some duplication, mixed condition

Image Not Found

18856 Niger & Nigeria MNH sets and Complete Singles w/Scott# & Index

- combined and restocked book.

Image Not Found

18857 Seals And All Things Unidentified All 10 Cents Each

- Last two books sold out. Can it be done three times?

Image Not Found

Books are almost always in price order and a book that is half empty may have only the lower priced stamps sold out. Links below are for all books added within the last few months. There are many more besides those

Books ALWAYS have Scott numbers unless otherwise noted

Hope you find a few stamps you can use in your collection!


Some of the more recent books over the past few months:

18779 Switzerland Semi Postals Mint/Used/MNH B1=B349 w/Scott# & Index
18780 Older Bosnia & Herzegovina Mint/Used w/Scott # & Index
18781 South Africa States MNH w/Scott# & Index

18739 Worldwide Packet Book
18740 Dahomey Mint/MNH 1960-70's w/Scott# & Index
18741 Archaeology on Stamps (mostly Asia) mint/mnh w/Scott# & Index

18697 Aircraft On Stamps Mint/MNH
18692 Somali Coast Ubangi Shari Upper Senegal m/u w/Scott # & Index
18689 Denmark 1970-90s MNH w/Scott# & Index

18640 Italy Mostly Used 1930-8 Plus Occupied BOB w/Scott# & index
18639 Sweden 1949-95 Mint/MNH W/Scott # & Index
18637 Spain 1950-80s mint/mnh w/Scott# & Index

18562 France Used 1938-67 w/Scott# & Index
18563 Switzerland Used 1970-90s plus Semi Postals w/Scott# & Index
18564 Poland Mint/MNH 1960-2000's w/Scott# & Index

18473 Art Stamps MNH Sets & S/S P-S Countries w/Scott# & Index
18474 Better British Singles $$$ Mostly Used w/Scott # & Index
18476 Independent Africa MNH Airmails Cameroun Central Africa Chad

18431 Cuba Mostly Used 1955-62 Some Earlier w/Scott# & Index
18432 El Salvador 1979-83 Mint w/Scott# & Index
18433 South Africa 1978-85 MNH w/Scott# & Index

18390 Sudan Mint/Used To 1978 With Scott# & Index
18392 Syria & Libya to 1990'a mint/used/mnh w/Scott# & index
18393 Lebanon to 1960s mint/used with Scott# & Index

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