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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Stamp Approval Notes & Notices : FRANCE MNH Approval Books Series. Volume 3 is ready for Monday Activation

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12 Oct 2020

re: FRANCE MNH* series of Approval Books Volume 3, 4 and 5 are being readied. Volume 3 on MONDAY Oct 12.
FRANCE MNH Vol 2 1960-1970.
FRANCE MNH, Vol 2. 1971-1979

ALL with Cat #s and Yr, No Dupl. No B of B ALL STAMPS ARE MNH

Volume 2 almost sold out and could be replenished in part, if you message me your interest. But I am preparing 3 more FRANCE MNH Approval Books. (Curiously Volume 1 1960-1970 is only 23% sold..go figure!)

Volume 3 1980-1984 is ready to scan and will be activated Monday October 12 in late morning (California time). Again, no Back of the Book.

It will be followed a few days later by Volume 4 1985-1988

And rounding up this series, probably by next week end, a special MNH book for all the ART and oversized stamps issued by France during this period. Some are really works of art!
I plan a separate Approval book for Used Art stamps at a later time, but there is enough MNH material to warrant its own book in this series.

Again for FRANCE MNH books there are NO duplicates and all stamps are identified by Cat # (Scott) and Year. I will give advance notice here for the subsequent Volume 4 and Volume 5 Approval books prior to activation.

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