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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Approvals Disc. : Books about to retire are now on CLOSING SALE @ 20% off

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Retired Ap. Book Mod, Pres Golden Gate Stamp Club, Hi Tech Consultant
03 Oct 2020
The Approval Book System automatically retires Approval Books that have shown no sales for 60 days. These books can be accessed under the heading ":CLOSING SOON" and I have put them ALL on sale with a 20% price reduction.
Currently there are 4 Books being retired by the system. 2 Books on Lebanon, One on Ecuador and one on Colombia. More to follow, with updated information provided here for those who read the bulletin board, but don't check the older Approval Books.
I will retire these books, either via the automatic SOR system or manually within 15 days, so this may be a chance to pick up some additional bargains.

Remember that all stamps are identified with Year and Cat numbers on all my Approval Books.
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