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General Philatelic/Gen. Discussion : Smithsonian National Postal Museum - Washington Post Article

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12 Sep 2020
Didn't see that anyone else has flagged this, so I will. Tomorrow's print version of the Washington Post will carry an interesting article about the National Postal Museum. It went on line on the 10th. Here's the link:

Though the article bounces all over the place (I think that reflects the eclectic nature of the Museum's holdings), there are some interesting ties to current events. Among them:

"The museum’s “Behind the Badge” exhibit dedicated to the little known postal inspectors, some of whom recently arrested former White House adviser Stephen K. Bannon on a yacht, has taken on renewed relevance. And a mail-in ballot cast in the 1864 election reads like evidence of perseverance amid crisis, a cheer of encouragement from history. If, 150-plus years ago, this little slip of paper made it through a civil war and all the way to the ballot box, why shouldn’t mine?"
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