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General Philatelic/Identify This? : Is this stamp the elusive US Scott 500?

29 Jul 2020
I've read many articles and viewed many images on stamps 499, 500 and offsets. I believe it is Scott 500 for the following reasons:
Stamp ink side is not smooth like an offset stamp. The necklace line is well defined, consistent line definition, pendant has the nice bold circle and doughnut shape, the left and right number 2 are nearly identical, nose dots are all there. Am I overlooking something?
Thanks in advance.

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30 Jul 2020
re: Is this stamp the elusive US Scott 500?

For illustrations of a #499 (Type I) and a #500 (Type Ia) see here

More info can also be found on Ken's site here

More good info on #500 here


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30 Jul 2020
re: Is this stamp the elusive US Scott 500?

Thanks to those who have responded. Although the "feel" of the inked side of the stamp does not feel smooth like an offset, I've been informed that one consistent characteristic of the offset stamp image is the heavy shading above the eye. On the regular Washington issues, the shading is predominately just above the front portion of the eye (closer to the nose). So only the front portion of the eye lid is shaded. On the offset images, the shading is above the full length of the eyelid. I have not heard this easily discernible feature discussed before but looking at my offset stamps, the full length shading appears to be pretty consistent. So I'm leaning towards this stamp being an offset variety and not #500.

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