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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Stamps I Want To Buy : The KING`S NAVY involved in the 1939 Royal Tour

20 Jul 2020
I am wondering if any one collects the The King`s Navy covers?
I an watching for the 1939 Commanding Officer Cancels for HMCS Restigouche (May 29th 1939 and HMCS Skeena(June14th 1939)
I have others in the set but these are two illusive covers.
It you have any leads please message me ....Thanks
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01 Aug 2020
re: The KING`S NAVY involved in the 1939 Royal Tour

I had been interested in covers from Coast Guard cutters,
especially mailed from obscure ports in and around the Pacific.
So I wrote a friendly letter expressing y interest and my own
service on the cutters when I was in the USCG. I addressed
them to "The Morale" officer and the vessels home port if
I knew it, or care of the 14th CG District Aloha Tower, in
I asked the morale officer if there were anyone interested in
letter writing as many cutters there sailed on long, sometimes
boring trips to remote places.
I made several friends that way, including the Morale Officer
herself on on vessel. But eventually e-mails and modern worldwide
communications systems killed the idea of writing letters by hand.
The idea is worth a try

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03 Aug 2020
re: The KING`S NAVY involved in the 1939 Royal Tour

The two covers that I am seeking are those of the escort ships to Hing George Vl during the Royal Tour 1939.
I am seeking the 1939 covers for Royal Canadian Navy ship Skeena and Restigouche

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