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Off Topic/Member Announcements : Closed Album: Kenneth Perry (sponthetrona2)

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SOR Auctioneer
29 Jun 2020
Kenneth Perry joined Stamporama in 2007, and quickly became a very active member. He was the Stamporama Membership Secretary for a long time. If you became a member of Stamporama during the early 2010s, Perry brought you in.

If you do a search in the Discussion Board under his user name, you'll see the long list of discussions he participated in.

Stamporama has lost another of its "oldtimers". The Stamporama club in the sky has gained another member.
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"My book, "The Whitechapel Fog" is available on Kindle!"

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APS #213005
01 Jul 2020
re: Closed Album: Kenneth Perry (sponthetrona2)

I have been a member here since 2006.

I started a local stamp club in 2010.

Our club put on a public exhibit for the first time I believe in 2012 or '13.

During that show, someone walked away with a cover album of mine containing my
collection of U.S. #C11 covers.

I reported on the show we put on and also mentioned the theft.

Perry sent me a package containing over 30 C11 covers, stating how he understood how I must have felt and there was NO CHARGE - he just wanted to help.

This was the kind of man he was - a generous and caring philatelic friend.

He is greatly missed.


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