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General Philatelic/Gen. Discussion : Holocaust Stamps Project - June 2020 Update

Thank you for your donation to The Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada).
29 Jun 2020
Thanks to our SOR donors this month.

Keith Williams ("gonefishing"): A nice bunch of Canadian stamps, including many Canadian Mint to be used for the project's postage costs.

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Steve Wilner ("cardstamp"): Mr. Reliable with his usual contribution of 1-3 envelopes filled with stamps every single month!

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Roy Lingen ("Roy"): Continues to host my woeful website patiently and free of charge while I still try to find time and knowledge to actually do something more constructive than changing our address - and found time to send a box of stamps!

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And speaking of the website...Today was my wife's last working day before her school officially closes for the summer (and I have to start doing actual non-stamp stuff). So I took all day to test out some design and programming ideas to get going on this very important marketing and communication tool. Please take a look and PM me with any suggestions you have. I have a ton of work to do, but I think I'm starting to "get it".


Thanks, and stay even safer with the new Covid upsurge!


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