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Oceania/Other : NZ 1991-1997 Butterfly stamps

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25 Jun 2020
My query is that in my 2014 Scott # 1075-79 the listing shows main issue as perf 14.25.

Also #1075c, 1076a-79a as perf 13.75 x 14.25.

#1075a as 14 x 14.25, 3 sides only (a booklet stamp)

#1078b perf 14.

Steiner pages, as the scan below shows, mentions a font change, Scott does not.
However the lower two stamps seem to have a lighter print in the wording but are noticeably larger by 1-1.5 mm on the width and height.
The lower two do perf at 13.75 x 14.25.

Can anyone confirm that I have them placed correctly as to me the fonts appear the same.
Thanks for any advice.
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