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Oceania/Australia : A complete series of fauna and aquatic animals (1956-67)

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15 Mar 2020
A complete series of fauna and aquatic animals from pre-decimal up to decimalization, showing both papers, shades and master plate types of the 8d Tiger Cat, the re-introduction of birds to the new decimal currency and design changes.
The 8d Tiger Cat definitive was originally scheduled as a ½d, and later as a 6d denomination, but was introduced as Australia’s 8d definitive following the October 1959 rate changes. The production of this stamp was bedeviled by problems, and the originally proposed date of issue in April 1960 had been postponed.
Stamps from the first Master Plate show a characteristic “halo” effect” over the animal’s back and the tail has a relatively smooth outline, stamps from the second Master Plate lack the “halo” effect, and the tail has a “ragged” appearance.

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