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Off Topic/Member Announcements : Finally catching up on donations for January/February 2020

Thank you for your donation to The Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada).
20 Feb 2020
From Dave:

Tomorrow is my 4th funeral (friends and family including my dad) in the past 6 weeks - and hopefully the final one, at least for a good long stretch! An 8-hour round trip so I'm going to finally post some acknowledgements while I have a few free minutes!

A huge (and belated) thanks to everyone who sent donations to the project. Although we take over the new condo March 12th, I am going to continue using the current mailing address until our house is sold. Donations will still be accepted (and I bought a new big tub to accommodate them, but I will be deferring counting and other projects until we get settled.

londonbus1 (Michael Hide) - included some Israel stamps that will be useful in my Holocaust displays

Image Not Found

BrightonPete (Peter Ware)

Image Not Found

cougar (Jules Jelev)

Image Not Found

mbo1142 (Mel Bohannon)

Image Not Found

okstamps (Richard Pauls)

Image Not Found

cardstamp (Steve Wilner) - one envelope in January and two more in February

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

sheepshanks (Vic Deacon)

Image Not Found

gonefishing (Keith Williams)

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