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Oceania/Other : Papua New Guinea - Help needed.

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08 Feb 2020
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Can anyone help position this stamp for me. It is Papua New Guinea Bird of Paradise overprint “BOP2 Second Printing”, 21toea on 45toea with small t and a bottom margin date of “1993” issued date being 4th.August 1995.
I have one single and two that are in blocks and I am of the opinion that it is a constant plate flaw, being a full stop on the back curve of the “2”.

In the block of eight it is the bottom right hand stamp and in the block of four it is the bottom left hand stamp. One thing for sure is that it is Row 2. I have corner blocks of this issue but not a full sheet or the top two strips of ten. When I compare these with corner blocks I have, I can state that it is Row 2, Stamp 6, 7 or 8. But which one, can anyone please help.

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