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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Approvals Disc. : Check Out The $$$ Approval Books

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28 Jan 2020
We currently have 2 $$$ approval books posted. I used the "$$$", because that is how you can easily pick these approval books out from the rest. All higher-valued approval books must show the $$$ at the end of the approval book title.

You can also search for these books so that is all you will see in the resulting book list. To do this, go to the Approval Books page. Click on SEARCH, then for the search parameter select KEY WORD. enter $$$, click on the Search button and only the higher-valued approval books will appear.

If you are thinking of creating a $$$ book, but are not sure how to do it, these two books are properly put together. So, check them over and follow those sellers' lead.

As for buyers, you've been pleading for better material to buy for many years. Now you have it. It's now up to you to support those who post $$$ books by purchasing from them.

If sellers are not offering stamps that you want to buy (this applies to auctions and the standard approval books as well), post a classified ad telling members what you are looking for. You just might find it this way.
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