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21 Jan 2020
This has happened to me twice, this time for a payment I made a month ago. I sent a payment to one of your sellers using PayPal only to get a notice eventually telling me that the money has been returned to me since the person I sent the money to either was not registered with PayPal or had not completed the registration process. I will find out who the seller was and try to get the money to him/her by another method. Has anyone else had this happen?
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22 Jan 2020

Auctions - Approvals
re: Returned payment

Similar thing happened to me ,I received a refund for some missing stamps from the seller.They did eventually arrive so I returned the refund I got a message from Paypal to the effect the seller wasn't registered ,so I emailed the seller and sent him a copy of the email I received from Paypal telling him what to do to get the money .nothing happened ,a month or so later the money was back in my account???so I gave up.

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23 Jan 2020

Auctions - Approvals
re: Returned payment

Joe the only time I have seen that happen is when money is sent to the wrong address. To be honest, I have no idea how the payment system works here on SOR. I do know that the paypal button if that is the correct terminology, does not show up on my invoices if it is for under $5. Buyers get around that by sending money using PAYPAL but not using the invoicing system. It's easy to make a typo that way or to send it to an incorrect email address. My PAYPAL accounts are hooked to a yahoo address, but people send it to my gmail address. More confusing is that the invoice is then somehow marked paid, probably by them. I have had people mark their invoices received when they have not even paid them or before I send the stamps. Talk about confusing! Then just last week I got an email from someone who saw that their invoce was marked paid with PAYPAL and yet they knew they never paid it. That leads me to believe that the entire invoicing system is manual - then again maybe not. Only time I bought here was direct from Roy who sent me a PAYPAL invoice not an SOR invoice.


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