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Canada/Covers & Postmarks : Canadian Aerophilatelic Society

27 Dec 2019
Just wondering if we have any members who belong to the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society or collect such stamps and /or covers ?
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12,8 cm Kanone 43 L/55 in blueprints only
31 Dec 2019
re: Canadian Aerophilatelic Society

I collect them but i am not a member. Not as a priority but when i find them conveniently. I have a good pile
mostly like to find the early transatlantic material, it got to be a bit of a commercial enterprise with all those cancels for every leg of a trip by every bush plane to every inuit camp methinks. I spent a lot time in northern canada so i pick up things that relate to places i have been when i see them and i haven't blown my budget already.

As far as better stuff. I had some relatives in Botwood which was a stop off back in the day and though i don't have the photos because one of evil sisters confiscated them - we had some photos of the early attempts/flights /failures. When i stepped outside the door in the morning - the only thing between me and europe was a lot of cold water.

If you are just looking for info I have a copy of the APS catalogue so just pm me.

There are some good bits of old video on youtube if you search the names and towns. Couldn't find what i was looking for but here is Amelia departing Harbour Grace in 32... there is some good footage of those aussies too ah here it is the southern cross with kingsford-smith not too clear might be a better copy out there.

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