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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : How to prepare inherited loose stamps to sell?

15 Nov 2019
I have 3 albums from the 1940's/early 50's, but also 100's of loose stamps from that period and earlier. Some of the loose stamps are still affixed to envelopes and others are wrapped with identical stamps, in groups of 3-4. How do I go about preparing, organizing and selling them?
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Editor, Seal News; contributor, JuicyHeads
15 Nov 2019

re: How to prepare inherited loose stamps to sell?

Hi Susan,

and welcome to the club.

If you have no interest in the collection, but merely want to sell it, you can read a number of articles we have on doing just that. Here's one: https://stamporama.com/articles/display_article.php?id=RASd3nKLqcQNo. There are others in the ARTICLE section. I used "inherit" as my search term.

If you don't have a collector friend, you can show us a page of early US in your album and we can probably tell you whether you have pay dirt or slag. Based on that, we can also tell you how best to sell it here, if you want to try that.

My first caution is to wait to tear the stamps off the envelopes until you know if they're more valuable as postal history.

Sorry to be vague, but in the absence of concrete examples, we're flying blind


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15 Nov 2019
re: How to prepare inherited loose stamps to sell?

Never "tear" or pull stamps from envelopes. They need to be soaked off in water.

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