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I think, therefore I am - I think!
15 Nov 2019
Part of my morning routine before going out to breakfast is to turn on the computer to check my email, check the sports scores and check the new auction items and the new approval books on SoR. I was in a rush this morning and decided to leave the approval books until I got home. I went to back door and noticed there were a bunch of ducks eating the cracked corn I put out for them every night. I didn't want to scare them away so rather than going out to the car I went back to the computer to check the new approval books. I was saved by the ducks! There was an amazing book for Poland Generalgouvernment that I eagerly looked through and found several stamps I needed, including a few I couldn't buy before because that particular seller only sold to the US (so there!). I was quite literally "saved by the ducks"!!! I suggest everyone check the new auction items and approval books every time they sit down to the computer. I don't use a "smart phone" so I actually do sit to use the computer.
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