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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Approvals Disc. : Suggestion For Reducing Network Costs

12 Nov 2019
I sort the New Books approval page by book number. This is a very nice feature. Books I haven't seen appear with the *New* icon on the left. When I look at this page I can quickly see which books I need to look at. I ignore the ones without the *New* icon because I've already seen them.

However, to make the "New" icon disappear, I can't just look at the main page for a book (the one you see when you click on the book's title). I have to actually go to the first page of the book, and see pictures of all the stamps on the first page. This requires the site to send me a whole bunch of data. In the case of books that I'm not interested in, this is just wasted data. But there's no way to make the "New" icon disappear any other way.

What I'd suggest is for the site to decide to display the "New" icon based on whether someone has merely seen the main page for the book. For people like me, this will eliminate the need to see graphics that we have no interest in seeing. It will likewise eliminate the cost of sending this data. I have no idea how much money will be saved, but this shouldn't be that hard to implement, and it just makes sense.

Jon Forrest

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Just one more small cover .....
23 Nov 2019
re: Suggestion For Reducing Network Costs

Hi Jon,
I made the change requested. Once you have looked at the Title page of the Book, you will no longer see the "New" icon for that book in the list.

Regards ... Tim.

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