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Off Topic/Member Announcements : Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada) IMPORTANT ADDRESS CHANGE AND U.S. MAILING UPDATE...

Thank you for your donation to The Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada).
05 Nov 2019
From Craig:

My employer - and Dave's major client - just moved offices as we have recently expanded our operations. But since we may move again in the next 12-24 months as we add more employees, we need to change our mailing address. Effective immediately, our new mailing address (changed in this member profile) is:

Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada)
46 Pinebrook Court
London, ON N5X 4C6 Canada

From Dave ("lemaven"):

My wife isn't happy about using our home address for HSP donations now, but we need consistency and we are still storing all the donations at my client's office.

My new admin support person is engaged to a Canada Border Security dude (no idea what his official title is) on the Bluewater Bridge. She was hired by my client to help me out, so I swear I did not purposely arrange this for philatelic/philanthropic reasons. Kismet!

"Mike" (I have changed his name for privacy/security reasons) has offered to meet with me to go through the best way to set up a U.S. mailing address "drop-box" and how to bring donations across the border into Canada. With his advice, obviously, this will be 100% kosher - just saying for for any pedants who may fret unnecessarily over the legal/ethical issues around this potential arrangement.

"Mike" gave me a heads-up about a reliable service in Port Huron (?) Michigan that he would recommend. But they charge $5.00 per item (and I think there is a limited time they will hold mail) so I still need to work out the expense management side of things. After I meet him (hopefully in the next week or so) I should have more clarity around this.

Again, thanks for your support of this very worthwhile project.

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"Please note that our mailing address changed as of April 2020 to 67-765 Killarney Rd. London, ON N5X 0H6 CANADA"
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05 Nov 2019

re: Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada) IMPORTANT ADDRESS CHANGE AND U.S. MAILING UPDATE...

Awww I JUST mailed a package to the old address lol! Oopsie!

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