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United States/Covers & Postmarks : Last Day Of Sale Slogan Cancel

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22 Oct 2019
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I was sure that this was a conniving collector/dealer/publisher gimmick item.

I got the "gimmick" part right, just not the culprit. At Wits End


Postal Operations Manual, Issue 9, July 2002

231.4 Hand-Back and Mail-Back Service

a. Hand-Back Service

(4) The Last Day of Sale cancellation will be applied to customers' covers or other items with one or more of the stamps being removed from sale affixed on a hand-back basis only.

b. Mail-Back Service.

Mail-back service refers to service for stamp dealers and cover servicers that is authorized by the PFSC and that permits envelopes, cards, or other items submitted for cancellation to be returned in bulk through the mail. Conditions of service are further described in 242. This form of mail-back service must be approved in writing and in advance by the PFSC. Mail-back service is not to be provided for special die hub or regular machine cancellations. Last Day of Sale covers submitted for servicing and return through the mailstream will not be entered into the mails until the date appearing on the cancellation.

232.4 Last Day of Sale Cancellation

This type of cancellation is provided by the Post Office when stamps are identified to go off sale and is dated to show the date of the last day of sale. Last day of sale cancellations will be available only at events authorized by Stamp Services. These events will be held in conjunction with nationally recognized stamp shows, which are held at least four times a year. Field offices may conduct events associated with the removal of stamps from sale; however, they may not use the words "Last Day of Sale" in postmarks or other material relating to their event. Last day cancellations may be either metal die or rubber composition. The words "Last Day of Sale" appear in the cancellation design. Requests for last day cancellations must be postmarked no later than the date specified in the Postal Bulletin to qualify for service. Bull's-eye cancellations are used when the conventional last day of sale postmark cannot cancel all the unused stamps on an item presented for postmarking. The "Last Day of Sale" cancellation may be applied at the show from the start of the show until the actual date the stamps are removed from sale. "Last Day of Sale" cancellations may only be applied to items bearing at least one of the stamps being removed from sale."

Here, BTW, is an object lesson in why we should carefully caption every image, kids:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/gary_dunaier/4347924206 ... the first use of the LAST DAY OF SALE slogan cancel

Q/ Anybody go out of their way to collect these? Got a complete set?


/s/ ikeyPikey (who will pass this item along, gratis, to anyone who reports by PM that they want it and has posted about slogan cancels)

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