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20 Sep 2019
I'm been blasted for this comment before, but what the heck! I love going through approval books that are a bit organized, but some others... I know for a few pennies per stamp it is not really worth spending a lot of time on the books. But if you collect countries like Poland or Russia where there are several thousands of stamps per country the stamps have to be in some sort of order or I don't even try to look. It is impossible to remember which stamps you need, there are too many. It's perfect if the seller includes numbers, a few do that. Some others make an effort to put them approximately in chronological order, a little harder but doable. Others are totally mixed up, old and new stamps on the same page, absolutely impossible to deal with. This is just my opinion, please don't jump all over me. Occasionally I can find the odd stamp I need in the last case, but it is great to find a totally organized book!
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Neddie Seagoon from The Telegoons
21 Sep 2019

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re: Please at least try to put stamps in order

Yes it is great if the books are in order and numbered. Sometimes this is easy for the seller to do at other times it would take too much work for the "return".

If I have acquired a stockbook/album of say Netherlands and is in order, I remove what I want for my collection and then it is quite easy to put the remainder, in order into an approval book.
If the stockbook/album is in year order but not in as issued order then the remainder is put in an approval book just in year order.
If I have a tin of mixed loose stamps then the stamps are mixed up in the approval book BUT the price is reduced and there may be a few "bargains" to be had.

It is obvious that some members like everything in order and that is their perogative. However there are those members who like a good rummage and are quite happy to trawl through a mixed book.

This is the joy of Stamporama. Members have wide and varied interests, have differing methods of collecting and Stamporama Approval Books let members buy stamps at reasonable prices. It also lets members sell their unwanted stamps to other members and can then use that money to enhance their own collections.

It would be very Orwellian if we all collected the same things in the same way.

Long Live Stamporama!!

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