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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Stamp Auction Notes & Notices : A New Initiative For The Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada)

11 Sep 2019
We continue to try to align getting donations to The Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada) with our dollar and time-value cost of operating this initiative, while dealing with the additional (and sometimes prohibitive) cost for US donors - many of whom have previously contributed to the original project.

We do not want to solicit cash donations to cover expenses - to avoid having to create a financial tracking system probably subject to regulatory oversight (and additional work detracting from the project's purpose).

So, we are going to try a different "funding mechanism" still focused on stamp donations. Where donors expressly request/agree to their donated stamps being counted towards the project's total - but with some then being sold to SOR members at a very low cost to raise funds to cover expenses (rather than being used for our eventual art projects or as part of our display of "piles of stamps") - we will offer them here first (a chance to be philanthropic and aquiring stamps at a low cost). A few folks have already agreed this would be acceptable.

We are going to launch a test-case shortly (with some donations from "lemaven") to see how it goes. And we have a PayPal account specifically for this purpose.

At the same time, we are going to look for some stamps (preferably donated, but using these proceeds if needed) for our developing Holocaust "Philatelic History" presentations.

Thanks for your support, Craig (and "lemaven").

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