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Off Topic/Non-philatelic Disc. : Crema de Tequila

12,8 cm Kanone 43 L/55 in blueprints only
11 Sep 2019
tequila crema = smoooth

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SOR Auctioneer
11 Sep 2019
re: Crema de Tequila

Here is some information about this liquor from an online review (Spirits Review):


"Imagine Tequila Egg Nog and you won’t be too far wrong.

Appearance: Off white cream color, somewhat thick or cream like in body.

First Impression: Very coffee, Kahlua like with vanilla, candy type cinnamon and spices with strong undercurrent of caramel sugar. Actually made us sneeze from the spices.

Taste: Vanilla,coffee, caramel, and cream with a candied cinnamon Nice earthiness from the highland tequila at the finish brings it back to a nice pleasantness."

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