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09 Sep 2019
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For folks who enjoy US postal history or stamp collectors who might occasionally be seeking a reference on a cancel or a cover, Stamp Smarter has added the “US POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT POSTAL GUIDE” for the years of 1874 through 1953. The USPOD Official Postal Guide was initially published in 1874 and continued in regular publication through the end of 1955. This publication was published in both the monthly and quarterly frequency formats, and was also provided to every post office and postmaster. For most years, there was an annual volume published in January or July, followed by eleven monthly issues, which summarized the significant features which had appeared in the Daily Postal Bulletin.

These a full of useful information regarding post offices, airmail routes, RPO info, postmaster salary data, etc.
For convenience, the airmail route maps have been split out into a separate PDFs.

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NOTE: Currently we have only OCRed (Optical Character Recognition) some of these files and are targeting the end of this month for completion. I purchased a higher end OCR application and the results are fairly good considering the poor quality scans of the originals. The average accuracy is between 94%-98%; having them searchable is a significant benefit when it comes to finding keywords or phrases.

With them searchable, a fellow like Tom can quickly ‘copy and paste’ all the NJ post office names. Happy

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Also on the same page in in the same genera, you can download the STAMP BILL BOOKS OF THE POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT SEPTEMBER 30, 1870 - JULY 10, 1897”. These are handwritten documents from the records of the Third Assistant Postmaster General of the Post Office Department. The Stamp Bill Books include statements of purchases of ordinary postage, commemorative, specimen, postage-due, special delivery, newspaper, and periodical stamps; stamped envelopes; newspaper wrappers; registered-package envelopes; letter-sheet envelopes; and postal cards for the period September 30, 1870-July 10, 1897. These records are part of the Records of the Post Office Department, Record Group (RG) 28.


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