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08 Sep 2019
Here is the deal. All items are free. All I ask is that you pay for shipping. I am an honest person and hope you are also. If you want an item, all you must do is pay for the shipping after you receive the item, regardless of the amount. I will ship cheapest rate possible. That way I do not have to package and take to PO to get price to your address and then let you know the charge. I only ask for 3 personal references and your bank account number.Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Seriously, I will ship before payment and you only pay the shipping fee after you receive the item. All you have to do is let me know which item you want. Send me your mailing address and I will get in the mail.


The Official Millennium Postal Cover Collection by Franklin Mint. 24 covers with stamps, one from each time zone in the world. Each postmarked 1 January 2000. Contained in hard bound folder measuring approximately 13 X 10 ¼.

Norman Rockwell Classics and Historic American Stamps. 101 covers with Norman Rockwell paintings related to US postage stamps and important anniversary postmarks. Hard bound folder measuring approximately 11 X 9 X 2 ½.

Centenary Anniversary Commemorative Panels. 100th and 200th anniversaries in US history. 24 panels, each panel contains 1 stamp featuring an important event in US history with a narrative on the historical event. Hard bound folder that measures approximately 11 X 10.

Postal Commemorative Society Victories at Sea Commemorative Panels. There are 6 panels with 13 stamps. Panels depict major US sea victories through history. Contained in hard bound folder. Measures approximately 14 X 11.

Wildlife on Stamps: Fishes. Published by Beard Publishing Co. Inc. Special made pages for mounting stamps. There are 197 all different stamps, all with common and scientific names. All stamps appear to be mint but are hinged to the pages. In addition, there are 29 stamps on a stock sheet waiting to be mounted. Contained in 3 ring hard bound binder specifically made for Fishes. Binder measures approximately 11 ½ X 10 ½.

Postal Commemorative Society FDC collection of “The Official Birds and Flowers of the Fifty States. All covers have a cachet of the state bird and flower along with the stamp. All postmarked April 14, 1982 in Washington D.C. Hard bound album measures approximately 11 X 13.

Postal Commemorative Society Great Stamps of the World. 42 Official FDC from nations around the world issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Rowland Hill, inventor of the modern postage stamp. Contained in hard bound album measuring approximately 13 X 11. Album show small tears in outer spine.

Franklin Philatelic Society the Great American Historic Stamp Collection Volume I. 100 greatest Americans honored on US postal stamps. (Only counted 98 covers.) Each cover is specially made to show the stamp in a special encased window. Each cover also is postmarked with a standard definitive stamp. All are addressed. Contained in a hard bound album measuring approximately 12 X 11 X 5 ½.

Any questions and or request, please reply by SOR message system.

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