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Canada/Other : paste up strip of war tax stamps

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19 Aug 2019
I was following a thread on coils and saw a group on E-Bay that I took a chance on. It was a paste up strip consisting of two each of MR7 and MR7a. I know it could possibly be "not quite right" but I took a chance, especially since I got it on the first bid of $89.99. The strip is common enough to have a number in the Unitrade Canada specialized - MR7v with a price of $550 for a paste up pair. I'm very happy to get it and will send photos when it arrives. Also, a special thanks to Larry James - I just won four fantastic Canada BOB pieces from him in the SOR auction. You guys really do sell fantastic stuff at fair prices. And to those who bid against me, no hard feelings at all - that's what an auction is all about and it's great for the sellers! I know I should have split this over two different threads, hopefully "The Boss" won't notice!!!
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