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General Philatelic/Gen. Discussion : Starting point? Rowland Hill.

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14 Aug 2019
Interesting article on BBC news site today.

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Silence in the face of adversity is the father of complicity and collusion, the first cousins of conspiracy..
20 Aug 2019
re: Starting point? Rowland Hill.

Although written about in many ways over the years,
the article's breezy and informative style makes it
a good read. It is sad to note that the passing of
written mail is upon us.
Other than an occasional letter from a young friend
who is the survivor of another terrible accident,
twenty years ago, who as a result cannot deal with
a keyboard I almost all the mailed letters are from
stampers or stamp dealers. Not counting the business
letters from insurance companies and the like, of course.
Even my friends, Nigerian Princes all, are using E-mail.

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