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Oceania/Australia : RECENT NEW ARRIVALS

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13 Aug 2019
Hi to all

These are my latest purchases. Most I have, but I just like blocks of stamps, especially with imprints and plate numbers.

Image Not Found

I like the Wallaroo, it is interesting.

Image Not Found

This is purchased because it is a gutter pair, and has the imprint as well.

Image Not Found

No bears, no tails, but it does have an imprint.

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

Half an imprint is better than none, pity about the rust spot on the pair with the plate number, but at least it is not on the stamps.

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14 Aug 2019

Hi Horamakhet

They are very good stamps, and you have a plate number for the 1929 air mail stamp. That 1935 ANZAC with imprint is spectacular. I taught you well.

You should put a magnifying glass over the roos, you may find something.


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