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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Stamp Auction Notes & Notices : Buy It Now Auctions 8/12/19 ending 8/18/19

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13 Aug 2019

Auctions - Approvals
Greetings from Cornwall PA!

Thanks for making the BIN auctions a success! Many times I have stamps from countries that I will never have enough to make a book. BIN auctions allow me to offer these stamps on an ongoing basis.

They will always start on a Monday night and end on a Sunday night.

An increased number going forward as I have a VERY large collection to break down!

Here is a sample from this weeks offerings

Tonga #CO49-51 MNH $0.90 Buy It Now!

Image Not Found

Stamps will ALWAYS be mint or MNH. Used stamps will be in the usual mid week auctions. Titles will ALWAYS have the word BIN in them so you can filter either way

If you want to just view the new listings (BIN31) is what to look for!

This is the last week for the BIN24's, Those listings will be retired and sent elsewhere.

Happy Hunting


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