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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Stamp Auction Notes & Notices : Starting to get back to stamps...and posting some Auctions/Approvals...

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12 Aug 2019
Lots of family and professional distractions in the past few months, but now getting back to organizing my collection(s) and selling off extras from "The Hoard". As we are officially empty-nesters now (although one kid will be on "the payroll" for at least another year, and the other for at least 3 years) we are starting to think of downsizing to a condo/bungalow.

My wife has given me notice that I will no longer be able to spread stamps around 3-4 rooms. So I have to start "getting medieval on it" and downsize my jumble of stamps in boxes, envelopes, pages, etc (time permitting). I will continue with my low-pricing approach but start adding some "specials" (to be announced).

I also hope to encourage more SOR buyers through lower postage costs. So, starting immediately, the standard (30g/1oz) envelope will have a reduced shipping cost of $0.80 to Canada (a $0.10 discount from actual), $1.07 to U.S. (a $0.20 discount) and $2.25 to World (a $0.40 discount). And for larger-weight purchases I will take 10% off the actual postage cost if the stamp purchase is more than $10. To make this work for everyone, I will accumulate purchases and invoice ALL buyers at the end of each calendar quarter (unless you request an earlier invoice/shipment).

I just put up a few Great Britain MNH sets and have a Berlin Approvals Book and Auction items to appear shortly.

Cheers, Dave.

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