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09 Aug 2019

I have just begun auction listings again after an absence of over three months. The auctions listed today are from Denmark and consist of a few early used stamps in mixed condition.

I will try and list a few new auctions every day. All auctions listed on a given day will be active for three days before closing. Once an auction closes, that item will not be listed on this site again if unsold. All auctions listed on a given day will be from only one country or territory. Some daily listings will consist of only one stamp while at other times I may list fifty or more stamps in one day.

Starting auction price will be 20% of Scott catalog value, with Scott 2020 catalogs used for most listings. The buy-it-now price will be 30% of Scott. If a stamp has any faults given in its description, each listed price will be deducted by 50% for each fault.

Once you purchase one item, you will have up to six months before payment will be requested. That should give a person time to find more items of interest from among my offerings before making payment; this should minimize the percentage of the shipping charge in the submitted payment (especially for potential buyers from outside of the United States).

If any errors are noted in my listings (wrong catalog number, forgery, etc.), please let me know so I can either make a correction or delete the listing.

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