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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Auction Disc. : What do you mean by a "bin auction"

10 Jul 2019
I have been participating in your auctions and through the auction and the buy it now I have picked up some great stuff and am very pleased with the quality and the price. But some people are calling them "bin Auctions". I know if I reread the rules it would be explained there, but could one of you explain it to me in words an "old fart" can understand? I have been participating in auctions for many years and have never heard of a "bin auction".
Addition: I just had a "brain wave", doesn't happen often any more!! I don't suppose BIN stands for "Buy It Now"? Boy, am I ever dumb and this must be the most useless thread ever!
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10 Jul 2019
re: What do you mean by a "bin auction"

Buy It Now. (some refer to it as "BIN".)

Click on the "Buy It Now" button when offered on an auction lot, click confirm, and you immediately buy the lot at the buy it now price.

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