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General Philatelic/Gen. Discussion : Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada) - Update

08 Jul 2019
My apologies for the tardiness in posting these. Others to come in the next few days.

Steve Wilner ("cardstamp")
The latest of his generous donations. Whatever he doesn't sell on SOR, he donates to The Project. Some very nice and interesting stamps, including some from countries that many kids today may not have heard of (e.g. Bavaria)!

Image Not Found

David Provost ("BermudaSailor")
Also some very nice stamps moreso from recent years and prominent countries. That helps to spark a great conversation with kids around what they are doing to promote tolerance and acceptance over bigotry

Image Not Found

From a Non-SOR Member ("Diana F.")
Her congregation has collected, trimmed, and counted stamps to donate to the original HSP for years. I included this because she asked that when we start our art-project we include one of the USA "Dove" stamps (bottom right envelope "89") in the corner of each piece as a symbol of peace and love.

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