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Oceania/Australia : Off set stamp??

14 Jun 2019
Image Not Found Is this stamp a Off set stamp?? Also it is hard to see the watermark??

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15 Jun 2019
re: Off set stamp??

Hi Pooh

It isn't an offset as offsets are caused when a sheet of stamps is placed onto another that isn't quite dry causing the bottom sheet to imprint the image onto the gum side of the top stamp.

For instance; when the printing press is offloading the uncut sheet onto the tray the sheets are normally dry enough to stack upon each other, but incidences can occur, and a sheet or even a few sheets may not be dry enough to prevent image transfer damage and offsets will occur in various stages from partial to full, if the bottom stamp transfers too much of the image and ink, the bottom stamp can be affected causing ink stripping (in other cases the ink stripping can be caused by the doctor blade).

The rare offset is when the transfer of the image onto the gummed side only affects a few stamps, if a few sheets are affected, which may affect hundreds of stamps it may be valued between $40 - $100, but for the rare few they can have a value between $700 - $1000.

The stamp I am showing is the 5/- Coronation with a full offset, the front of the stamp is well centred but the reverse is severely offset to the right and the image, lettering and value is in reverse.

It seems that your stamp has been thinned by someone removing it from the envelope.

Image Not Found

This stamp is from my research album.


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