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Canada/Other : question on war tax stamps

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12 Jun 2019
If Canadian War tax stamps were issued in 1915 and 1916 to pay for WWI, why am I seeing postmarks as late as 1933? Were they used for regular postage and if so did the extra funds go to pay off the war debt that probably still existed?
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12 Jun 2019
re: question on war tax stamps

Here is a quote from the website 'British North America Philatelic Society'


"Canada’s postal war tax stamps of 1915-1918 are neither revenue nor semi-postal stamps; they are postage stamps. The so-called “war tax” on postal matter was a “tax” in its name only. In practice, it was simply an increase in the postage rates cloaked in a patriotic guise. There was no separate accounting for the money raised by the “postal war tax.” All of the funds went into general postal revenue and financed the operations of the Post Office. The money from the “postal war tax” did not finance the war effort of 1914-1918.

Similarly, the funds raised by the Inland Revenue “war taxes” did not finance the war effort. In 1915, these taxes included levies on banks, trust and loan companies, insurance companies, railway and steamship tickets, telegrams, cheques, wine, etc., only some of which were paid by stamps. Their purpose was to replace Customs revenue lost as a result of the wartime reduction in international trade"

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