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United States/Cinderellas & Seals : United Horological Association of America

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06 Jun 2019

Found this item in an envelope of random stamps I had picked up several years ago - garage sale type of thing. Finally got around to getting into the envelope and found this interesting piece.

From what I could find on the internet: The UHAA was formed in May 1934, then in 1960 merged with the Horological Institute of America to form the American Watchmakers Institute.
So that would place this item as pre 1960.

Just sharing it because I found it interesting, but if anyone wants it, contact me thru Stamporama message.

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Enjoying the little works of art
07 Jun 2019
re: United Horological Association of America

Interesting (or not very interesting) generic emblem for a group that studies time. Of course, I had to look up the word horology.

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"Stamp Collecting is a many splendored thing"
07 Jun 2019
re: United Horological Association of America

I note that the medallion in front of the eagle has the 12 hour markings around its circumference, and that looks like an hourglass in the center.

If you're interested in time, I can highly recommend a 2017 book I read recently:
Why Time Flies, a Mostly Scientific Investigation by Alan Burdick. Fascinating as well as entertaining!


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